TMR Music Promotional Booklet

About the Project

For this project I was asked to design a booklet to showcase a music artist of my choice.

I was also required to make use of typography in a way that it would express my understanding of the artist's music style. It was also required that I set the document to print in Pantone swatches as well as CMYK. For that purpose, my booklet had to be designed in a duotone.

My music artist of choice was the Japanese singer T.M.Revolution, whose music style is dynamic and expressive. His use of genres has been changing, as he is transitioning from pop to electronic rock and techno, so I made sure to keep that in mind when working with the layout.

Note: This booklet was designed in 2014, so the information is slightly out of date.

TMR Booklet front cover
TMR Booklet inside
TMR Booklet inside
TMR Booklet inside
TMR Booklet back cover


Photos Courtesy of Alicia R. Thomas (Otakon 2013), Arena 37°c March 2011 issue, PATi・PATi November 2009 issue & Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2012