Parks Canada

Species at Risk Series: Sockeye Salmon

A special edition design for Park's Canada's Species at Risk series needed to be designed for Sockeye Salmon.

I illustrated salmon in variations of details and angles, noting that the final piece would be one-colour printed in various sizes.

Salmon skketches

Next, I arranged my drawings around the text layout that had been used for the other Species at Risk artworks. Below are the stages of development based on feedback from the client.

Salmon steps

Below is the final approved artwork along with an example of a product offering this design in retail.

Salmon final
Salmon tote

Parks Canada Vintage T-shirt Series

Parks Canada vintage series are a collection of full-colour illustrations that feature scenery and nature from each of Parks Canada's National Parks and Historic Sites. The designs are used to create postcards, pins, patches, wooden signs, calendars, tuber'z and t-shirts.

The t-shirt collection is unique in that they are all simplified to a palette of 4 colours. THe result makes the artwork pop on charcoal heather t-shirts. It was my job to pick the best colours that allowed the artwork to have enough contrast while retaining the overall colour scheme of the original (if the client desired).

The below are what I consider my best out of the number of pieces I repurposed.

Original full-colour artworks are all created by Zhenjia Fan.

Cape Breton Highlands vintage tshirt
Banner FR
Fundy vintage tshirt
Banff vintage tshirt
Fort Malden vintage tshirt
Fort Malden vintage tshirt
Fathom Five vintage tshirt
Bruce Peninsula vintage tshirt
West Coast Trail vintage tshirt

Parks Canada Toques

I was asked to design some vintage style toques for Parks Canada. Experimenting with different palettes and typography I came up with many designs for them to choose from.

Fort Walsh toque version 3 green toques with cream stripes
Lake Louise toque version 1 navy, blue, grey and white stripes
Banff toque version 1 with navy red and cream stripes
Alexander Graham Bell toque version 2 with grey, burgandy and white stripes
Pacific Rim toque version 1 with red, orange, yellow and blue stripes
Elk Island toque version 1 with orange, grey and blue zigzag patterns
St Lawrence toque version 1 with red and white stripes
Fort Walsh toque version 1 with green, yellow and white stripes
Banff toque version 3 with navy red and white stripes
Cape Breton Highlands toque version 2 with blue, cool white and red zigzag patterns
Pacific Rim toque version 2 with more focus on red than previous and some yellow, orange and blue
Lake Louise toque version 2 with no grey, only navy white and blue stripes
Fort Walsh toque version 2 with no yellow and added grey along with a muter green and white
Alexander Graham Bell toque version 1 with a lighter grey along with the burgandy and white stripes
St Lawrence toque version 2 with the english and french text merging so the title can span from front to back
Alexander Graham Bell toque version 3 with similar title treatment as Saguenay st lawrence design previous
Cape Breton Highlands toque version 1 with salmon, cream, green and teal sections and zig zag patterns
Banff toque version 2 with a cursive type approach but the same navy white and red stripes
Banff toque final with navy, white and red stripes and block letters
Fort Walsh toque final with muted green, grey and cream stripes and block letters
Pacific Rim toque final with red, orange, yellow and blue stripes and block letters
Parks Canada toque final with red and white stripes and block letters

Northwest Passage Tuber

This was a fun project to work on as I had the opportunity to work with typography in Inukititut in addition to English to create some beautiful layouts.

Parks Canada was looking to create a tuber design based from an Inukitiut drawing and the Inukitut native language as well as French translating to 'Northwest Passage'. The design also needed to include the Parks Canada brand colours and 2 logos. Since the tuber imprint was to be in a narrow portrait orientation, sizing the elements within was very crucial.

Tuberz with inukititut, english and french reading northwest passage with Inuit illustrations in the center as well as the parks canada and adventure canada logos on either side. the tuberz packaging sits next to it with diagrams of how to wear it
Tuberz top detail focusing on the inukititut letters
Tuberz bottom detail focusing on the logos

Born to Explore: Parks Canada Drawings

Parks Canada requested some vintage-styled camping drawings for various apparel and drinkware merchandise.

With direction from Parks Canada's brand manager, I came up with six different badge-shaped concepts, then once transfered to Illustrator, combined various fonts to come up with three strong pieces to feature on merchandise.

Salmon skketches
Salmon steps
Salmon final
Salmon steps
Salmon final
Salmon final

Save Us: Awareness Campaign

About the Project

An application process for a Graphic Designer position for which I applied, I was asked by the employer to come up with some campaign work for Parks Canada based on their "Species at Risk" list with a time limit of 4 hours. The employer told me to focus on quality over quantity.

For my design I chose the Monarch Butterfly. After deciding between 3 different directions on my concept, I had to showcase my design on a t-shirt, 2 other products and create an e-blast as a way to advertise the campaign.



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