Cultivating Women Leaders

About the Project

A collegue of mine asked me to help her with her daughter's initiave. She was working with a friend to start an annual leadership conference at their high school to celebrate women in leadership roles.

After designing the logo for the event, I was asked to also design a banner that could be used annually.

I finally attended the leadership conference a few months later on International Women's Day and took some photos at the conference that were later put into the Mississauga newspaper.

Special thanks to Jen McAvoy, Katie McAvoy and Lexi Marchetti for involving me in this project.


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CWL logo
CWL banner
CWL banner

School foyer, Katie McAvoy and Lexi Marchetti posing next to my banner

CWL banner

Auditorium during the conference

CWL banner

Katie McAvoy and Lexi Marchetti introducing guest speakers onstage