BOMI Canada: Promotional Brochure and Advertising

About the Project

BOMI Canada is a company that provides courses for those interested in being Property and Business Management Professionals.

While interning at their office in Toronto, I redesigned their promotional brochure, a full-page print ad, an 8th of a page bilingual ad and a promotional email with HTML and CSS (please see link below). I was able to complete all my tasks asked of me for my 3-week stay.

I designed the brochure to be more informative as well as more readable and legible while providing a lot of white space so potential applicants would not be overwhelmed by the amount of content.

Another big change I made to the brochure was creating a flowchart to show the progression of courses a person could take to get their certificates. BOMI had used a more complicated flowchart in the past and for their most recent design, they used a basic table, which was very hard for me to read. I decided I would settle for nothing less than to create something easy for most people to follow.



Full page advertisement
Course booklet front cover
Course booklet opened
Course booklet opened 2
Course booklet back cover